Speeches from Stop-Burning-Churhces-In-Canada Rally

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Opening Remarks by Ghada Melek, President of Civic Revival, followed by the Canadian National Anthem by Sandra Fernandes


Message from Iwona Malinowski, VP of the Canadian Polish Congress


Message from Obeid Chaudry, Communications Director, Senior Advisor and Past President of the Canadian Christian Association


Message from Greg Marcos, Chairman of the Canadian Coptic Foundation


Song: You Raise Me Up, by Ashley Pinto


Message from Rao Ji, President of the Canadian Hindu Forum


Message from Raheel Raza, President of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow


Message from Wladislaw Laison, Former MP


Message from Dr. Ann Gillies, Founder of Restoring the Mosaic


Song: Let There Be Peace on Earth, by Edlyn De Souza and Choir


Message from Jen Paul from the Reconciliation Ministries


Message from Sam Saad, Civic Revival


National Anthem in French by Lena Gauthier


Message from Mr. Khalid Felifel, Member of the Egyptian Community in Toronto

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