Joining the Let Freedom Reign Tour in Mississauga

Civic Revival was happy to participate in Laura Lynn's "Let Freedom Reign" tour when it came to Mississauga in November 2022. Key speakers also included Dr. Kevin Stillwagon and Mark Freisen. The event was MC'd by none other than Marilyn Jones, and recorded by Mike Bayers who was kind enough to make it accessible to all interested through his Rumble channel "Free Speech Media".

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Candidates That Matter

For the first time ever, a training seminar was arranged to bring pro-freedom, pro-family municipal candidates together.

On August 19-20, 2022 Liberty Coalition Canada organized a seminar to support pro-freedom, pro-family candidates running in the 2022 municipal elections.

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Freedom Convoy 2022 Passes Through Mississauga

On Thursday January 27, 2022, many Ontarians took to the streets, standing on highway overpasses and at the side of roads to cheer on the Freedom Convoy as it heads to Ottawa calling for an end to all the now meaningless COVID-19 mandates. Here is a glimpse from our gathering in Mississauga, Ontario.

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The Need for Blind Justice In Canada

On October 2, 2021, we participated in a breakfast summit to discuss Canada's urgent need for blind justice and the status of law enforcement in relation to the recent attacks on some 50-60 Canadian churches. Please click on the picture to watch our message. Do not forget to share it with your friends and family, so that more Canadians take notice.


A Successful First Responders BBQ

On a special day in September 2021, Civic Revival's  members and volunteers enjoyed participating in the second annual First Responders BBQ.  In spite of the periodically heavy rains, we had a wonderful time as we felt blessed to brighten the day of those who relentlessly serve our community during tough times (namely police, fire and paramedics personnel), while enjoying fellowship with one another.

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A Rally to Uphold the Rule of Law In Canada

On August 7, 2021, Civic Revival organized the first-ever rally in Ontario to protest the ongoing burning and desecration of churches with impunity in Canada. Despite the incessant rains, the crowd turnout was remarkable and a number of well-known media outlets also attended. We are deeply humbled by and grateful to our fellow Ontarians who took the time to make their presence felt by speaking out against these mindless atrocities.  .


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Transparency and accountability are need of the hour to curb ‘defund the police’ movement

In yet another episode of alleged unwarranted use of excessive force by the local police, a young skateboarder was violently arrested on the streets of Barrie, Ontario. This is the second such unfortunate instance of police brutality that has been reported following last month’s tragic death by suicide of a young man after he was arrested in Scarborough.

At a time when politicians and public health officials ought to be sensitive to communities to assuage their concerns and despair over the ridiculous and seemingly endless lockdown enforcement measures, incidents like these are not helping anyone’s case or cause. Unsurprisingly enough, it has prompted calls for the police officer involved to be fired and has once again reignited the debate over police funding in general.


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Good News! The Mississauga Noise Bylaw Amendments Put on Hold Once Again

Despite the constraints posed by COVID-19, a fair number of Mississauga residents took the time to review and challenge the City's proposed changes to the noise bylaw, thereby forcing the dubious legislation to be put on ice - for now.

The saga started back in July 2020 when the Mississauga City Council attempted to quickly ratify the amendments to the noise bylaw in its last meeting before the summer recess. This unreasonable and inexplicable rush raised public concerns, triggering multiple complaints from residents which forced the Council to defer the voting process to Fall 2020 when it would reconvene for the new session...


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