Dr. Loh Must Go

Many of us are tired of having career politicians tell us what to do. Now, we are being ordered around by doctors who have spent most of their professional lives in the bureaucracy and have little experience in actual patience care. One such example is Dr. Lawrence Loh, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Region of Peel. He continues to make decisions that lack judgement and punish Peel families.  



  • During the 2020-2021 school year, under Loh’s authority, the Separate and public school boards in Peel had two different mask policies for students in Phys-Ed (masks were required in Separate schools but not in public schools).
  • In March 2021, Loh instructed parents to isolate their children, as young as 4 or 5 years old for 14 days, a practice that amounts to child abuse not just by what parents and child experts say, but by the standards of children’s aid societies. He got caught and only then backtracked and apologized
  • Throughout the pandemic, under his whim, Peel region was under one of the strictest lockdowns in North America. In November 2020, and only a few days after committing to loosen restrictions, Loh used the same set of data to tighten them further hurting many small business owners and destroying livelihoods.
  • Most recently, in October 2021, Loh unilaterally ignored provincial guidelines and chose to force Peel youth, 12-18 years old, to show proof of vaccination in order to play in local team sports. A comparison of vaccination requirements in Peel sports facilities versus Peel school settings shows blatant inconsistency.

The fact is ...

  • Loh doesn’t need a rationale before he decides to make up rules.
  • Loh has a pattern of undermining the wellbeing of children and youth in Peel.
  • Loh doesn’t have a problem destroying lives and livelihoods.
  • Loh is one of the highest paid public servants in Ontario. His Salary of close to $359K is almost double that of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s. 

It’s time to end his reign and bring rational and compassionate decision making back to Peel Public Health. 

If you believe that it's time for the Region of Peel to fire Dr. Lawrence Loh, please sign this petition.



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