Candidates That Matter

For the first time ever, a training seminar was arranged to bring pro-freedom, pro-family municipal candidates together.

On August 19-20, 2022 Liberty Coalition Canada organized a seminar to support pro-freedom, pro-family candidates running in the 2022 municipal elections.

The seminar aimed at connecting the candidates with likeminded peers and at helping them prepare for the intensity of the next two months, leading up to the October 24th municipal elections.


We at Civic Revival were happy to participate as well as to sponsor the first day of the seminar. Freedom fighters are often fighting a lonely, thankless battle and do appreciate any form of support from local groups and organizations who care about their cause.

Civic Revival recognizes that this is part of our mandate, and therefore, took the initiative to conduct information sessions to help those who don’t have previous political experience learn about the process of running a campaign and what to expect as future mayors, councillors and school trustees. These sessions started in collaboration with Action4Canada, and have now extended to an in-person seminar with Liberty Coalition Canada.

We hope to continue to provide additional training opportunities both in person and online especially as election time approaches.


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