About Us

Civic Revival is a grassroots movement that started with the understanding that building clusters of engaged citizens with focus on their local city or region is the most effective approach to bringing much needed and impactful change into everyday lives. Our objective is to engage a wide range of local residents in supporting and developing the society and culture they want to see in their city. We do this through outreach coupled with practical and meaningful engagement. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and engage like-minded Canadians so that this initiative would provide them with the roadmap to revive their respective cities.



To create a blueprint for civic transformation that can be adopted in all Canadian cities. 



To preserve and strengthen engagement in our democracy that helps us achieve a responsive, supportive and sustainable community at both an economic and human relationship levels.



  • To engage Canadian Citizens and taxpayers in the revival of civic society and its institutions; and, 

  • To promote authentic and accountable democratic processes and public service in a diverse and pluralistic society. 


Guiding Principles

  • We are a diverse group of Canadian citizens who come from all backgrounds and experiences including different faiths, ethnicities, careers and professions. 

  • We are politically non-partisan, we welcome diversity of thoughts and perspectives, and we support evidence based policy.